Saturday, September 11, 2010

False sense of security

Ever have one of those games where right off the bat everything is going great? You're doing exactly what you need to be doing, your teammates (for once) are not completely failing outright and you think to yourself, "My god, these fuckers finally realized that not sucking is a viable way of winning!" I love those sorts of moments. Want to know what else I love? When those moments slowly fade away and your teammates revert back to their 4 year old pile of shit selves and hand the victory over to the opposing team on a PLATINUM, yes PLATINUM not even silver, fucking platter. This brings out the innermost rage. WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED!? Honestly, could you not tell the difference between playing well and how you're playing now? Because right now you're playing like a bunch of fucking retards. No offense to RETARDS, but you're playing like them. If anything the RETARDS should be pissed off being compared to YOU. Your moron teammates get so damn comfortable and think they're SOOO pro because they did well the first 5 fucking minutes of a match that they relax and stop the pressure. Nice job assholes. Next time I want to lose a game I'll just get up out of my chair, drive to your house while we're playing, PUNCH YOU IN THE FUCKING MOUTH, and leave. I can guarantee we'll probably lose but hell I'll feel a whole fuckton better. Fucking morons.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Back with more music, FUCK

More random music for you hungry assholes. Honestly though, you better enjoy it. I had to log into youtube via Chrome and this shitty blogger crap via firefox because they're two dif google logins and google DOESNT PLAY NICE. It's fucking obnoxious so be thankful. I'm running out of good bookmarked youtube videos though so I may have to actually venture out and find new shit. Thats going to blow. Dicks. Blow dicks.

Thats all you assholes get for today. As you can see, DJ AQ has grown on me a lot. He has an older song called Missing Memories that blows my fucking mind but I only have it from a ripped cd a friend passed on to me and it's nowhere to be found on the interwebs. I'm thinking of upping it myself to youtube but I'd have to get his a-ok first. He's fucking Japanese. Fuck my ass.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

When your friends suck

You know, I'm a pretty tolerant guy. I enjoy playing video games with my friends, it can be a socially invigorating experience and is just like sitting around watching football or UFC with the boys. A bonding experience. Except when one (or in my case, most) of your friends are absolutely fucking terrible at whatever you guys decide to play. There's nothing more frustrating then going head-to-head in a 5v5 in a game....and it basically being 1v5 because your friends fucking suck. Knowing those other 5 guys are having the time of their lives destroying your team all the while you're left with your shitty friends and them never learning a damn thing to get better.
I've said it before, I DO NOT HAVE FUN LOSING. Maybe some of you do, thats fine. You're just a fucking loser. I've tried teaching my friends, showing them what to watch for, things to make, whatever it takes. Every step I personally took to become this gaming all-star that I am but to no avail. I've gone as far as faking busy or afk or making myself invisible online so I can get a couple games in without their knowledge so I can have some hope at happiness for the day. Does that make me an asshole? Oh, it does? Thats fine.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Here's some random music you douche bags should enjoy.  If you dont, SHUT UP and listen anyway.

Who plays "for fun" these days?

Know what I hate?  People who say that they only play "for fun."  This usually comes ONLY AFTER they're called out for being bad.  It doesn't matter what game you happen to be playing, these faggots are more often then not around and there to be awful players and aid in you losing.  They say, "Dude, relax, it's just a game" or "Sorry, some of us play for fun ok?"  Thats fine, baddie, but losing is not fun.  Maybe it is fun, if you're a loser, but I'm not so lets stop being AWFUL and win mmmk?  Jesus christ, people think road rage is bad....nerd rage from games is on the rise and it makes my fucking BLOOD boil.  Also tits.